Donation handover from Christmas campaign 2020

this is how the donation check looks like, which was handed over on May 14, 2021, it says "Donation check  - € 1000,- - in favor of the Förderkreis (i.e. sponsorship group) Königshütte (i.e. kings’ hut) Bad Lauterberg e.V - donated by Lauterberger help each other"


During sunshine in front of the Hüttenschenke (hut tavern) - board team from the Förderkreis Königshütte Bad Lauterberg e.V. and Manuela Lunk and Stefan Oppermann from the Facebook group 'Lauterberger helfen sich'

from left to right: Fritz Dittmar (treasurer), Joachim Wildner (advisory board), Hans-Heinrich Hillegeist (first chairman), Christian Mühl (second chairman), Gudrun Grzyb (advisory board) as well as Manuela Lunk and Stefan Oppermann ('Lauterberger helfen sich' Lauterberger help each other)

not on the picture: Dr. Wilfried Ließmann (secretary), Volker Puhrsch (advisory board)

Once again: Board members of the Förderkreis Königshütte and the team of administrators of 'Lauterberger help themselves’ in front of the Hüttenschenke (hut tavern)From left to right: Fritz Dittmar (treasurer), Joachim Wildner (advisor), Hans-Heinrich Hillegeist (first chairman), Christian Mühl (second chairman), Gudrun Grzyb (advisor) as well as Manuela Lunk and Stefan Oppermann (Lauterberger help each other) 

not on the picture: Gudrun Grzyb (advisor)

On May 14, 2021, before the upcoming board meeting, the check from the 2020 Christmas- campaign could finally be handed over to the sponsorship group. It took a long time until the check could be handed over, the Corona pandemic did not allow it. The Christmas campaign with raffle ticket sales had been organized by the Facebook group 'Lauterberger helfen sich' (Lauterberger help each other). The administrators of this group, Mrs. Manuela Lunk and Mr. Stefan Oppermann, came to the kings’ hut (Königshütte) for the check handover.

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return of the Scholmwehr bridge

Since yesterday, May 3, 2021, one of the landmarks of Bad Lauterberg, the Scholmwehr Bridge, is being rebuilt after restoration. The four restored bridge elements are back in place. Now a railing still has to be erected. It was not an easy task for the employees of the companies Kälz and Domeier to lift the bridge elements onto the bridge and mount them flush, initially with a crane from 'Ritscherstrasse’, later from the riverbed of the Oder, 'ometimes more than one run-up was necessary. It will probably be another 14 days before the bridge can be walked on. The planks for the walkway are to be installed from May 10.

the first bridge part is delivered

the four restored bridge elements are back in their original place - View direction: city center and spa district

Renovation of the Scholmwehr bridge - its history

Actually .... everything was planned differently: already in December the Scholmwehr bridge should shine again in new splendor and the detour between Kurpark and Kurviertel should be history. Since the beginning of September, the bridge piers of the weir bridge have been standing 'naked'. But ... as is often the case, delays must always be expected during construction and renovation.

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Happy Easter

We from the Sponsorship group of the iron-hut ‘Königshütte’ ('Förderkreis Königshütte Bad Lauterberg e.V.') wish you a happy Easter with good health. We had hoped to be able to offer guided tours through the area of the iron hut and through our small museum, named ‘Südharzer Eisenhüttenmuseum’ again at Easter, but unfortunately the current lockdown has put a stop to us. Of course, you are welcome to walk around the terrain. QR codes on most of the buildings will direct you to our website and to the history of each building. Perhaps an Easter walk in the history of the iron-hut, the ‘Königshütte’,  could also include an excursion to the spa park, even if at the moment only the bare pillars of the Scholmwehr Bridge can be seen, there is hope that by early summer it will again be possible to walk without detour from Kirchberg to the city center and back.

Enjoy the Easter holiday in the circle in which it is possible for you.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

This year has gone by far too quickly. It was an eventful year, unfortunately burdened by the Corona pandemic. Therefore, we were not able to show you, dear visitors, around the ensemble of the Königshütte and through our small museum to the extent that we would have liked to. But Christmas time is also a time of hope and so we want to trust in the future and hope that when the vaccination against the Covid-19 virus really gets going, we will be able to show you 'our' Königshütte and its history in person again.
I wish you all a peaceful, reflective Christmas season, even though this year it will certainly be in smaller circles than we and you are used to. And we on the board of the Förderkreis wish you especially good health for the New Year.