Cinema evening at the king’s hut (Koenigshuette) – a review

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On Friday evening, September 24, 2021, there was a movie night at the Koenigshuette (king’s hut) in Bad Lauterberg. It was planned as an open-air event, but in view of the weather forecast it was moved to the fettling shop, a section in the foundry building. Already in the morning, the set-up took place, ‘Kinowelt Herzberg’ (cinema world of Herzberg) brought the equipment for the cinema evening and chairs were set up. Before the film 'the pretty big dream' startet, there was at 7:30 p.m. a short  guided tour - owed to the late hour, which makes some stumbling blocks of the premises invisible. For the film itself, the 3G rules applied, even if it was no longer mandatory at this point due to the Corona location, but safety first. The ladies from the sewing group called ‘Naehtreff’ supplied the visitors with drinks - including wine and sparkling wine, and also with pretzels and - as befits a cinema evening - popcorn to satisfy the small appetite.

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Open-Air-cinema at the Koenigshuette (king' hut) in Bad Lauterberg - on 2021-09-244.09.

On Friday, September 24th, there will be another open-air cinema event on the grounds of the Koenigshuette (kings’ hut) in Bad Lauterberg. As rain cannot be ruled out, the film will be shown in the foundry hall.

 The film 'The Great Dream' starts at 8.30 p.m. One of the locations was the Koenigshuette (kings’ hut). Admission is € 8.00. Please bring warm blankets and possibly a (thermal/warm) seat cushion with you, it will be quite cool in the in the foundry hall.

At 7.30 p.m. there is a guided tour of the site and the South Harz Ironworks Museum. Until the beginning of the film, there will be drinks and pretzels from members of the Koenigshuette (kings’ hut) support group, and you can buy popcorn from the employees of ‘Kinowelt (cinema operators) Herzberg’.

The open-air cinema evening is organized by Kinowelt (cinema operators) Herzberg, due to the still applicable Corona rules, the data of the visitors are recorded.

 We from the sponsorship group Koenigshuette (kings’ hut) wish you a nice evening at the cinema, stay healthy.

Review of the open-air cinema evening last September


Actions on the theme of right of mining at Koenigshuette

From September 3 to 12, 2021 a festival week for the 200th birthday of Sebastian Kneipp and 500 years of right of mining takes place in Bad Lauterberg. Fortunately, the corona pandemic has not developed as negatively as feared, so that the planned actions can actually go ahead as scheduled. The opening ceremony on the subject of "500 years of mountain freedom and the mining industry in and around (Bad) Lauterberg" and its special exhibition will take place on Friday, September 3rd, at 2 pm in the local history museum. The first chairman of the support group, Hans-Heinrich Hillegeist, will give a lecture on this.

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Gleanings from the festival week in Bad Lauterberg, especially the actions at the Königshütte (kings’ hut)

The festive week for the ‘200th birthday of Sebastian Kneipp and 500 years of Bergfreiheit’ (500 years right of mining) is over, the responsible persons and many helpers can breathe a little easier again. On September 3, the festival week was opened by our first chairman, Mr. Hillegeist, with a special exhibition in the local history museum. On Saturday, September 4, there was an official opening in the spa park. Mr. Hillegeist gave a lecture on '500 years of right of mining' and 'the former mountain town of Lutterberg'.

 Several events also took place at the Koenigshuette (kings’ hut location), such as the jazz service on September 5 (2021), with Pastor Schmidt and the Waiting Room JazzBand under the direction of Mr. Joerg Baitz from Herzberg. "... an atmospheric service in front of a historic backdrop" was the opinion of many visitors.  Afterwards there was a morning pint with roasted sausages and drinks, to which the 'Waiting Room JazzBand' continued to play. The band is a band of amateur musicians from different age groups and professions, some of them retired.

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get-to-know meeting with our new members

view over the hut fountain to the hut tavern

The idea for a ‘get-to-know-you’ - meeting between the board and new members of the sponsorship group ‘Königshütte’ came up a long time ago during one of the board meetings. On Wednesday, August 11, 2021, the time had come: the sponsorship group invited the new members from 2020 and 2021 to a 'get-to-know-you' meeting. Due to the pandemic because of Corona, the members meeting last year had to be cancelled, where 'old' and new members could get to know each other so far. Moreover ... membership meetings are subject to a rather tight schedule due to the agenda items, and this sometimes leaves little time for conversations.

Just over half of the new members from 2020 and 2021 attended the event at the at the hut tavern (Hüttenschenke) of the King's hut (Königshütte).  Some of the new members had cancelled with regret due to the vacation and vacation season.

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