Handover of donations from the Bad Lauterberger festival week '500 years right of mining and 200 years of Sebastian Kneipp' on October 1, 2021

On October 1st (2021) the support group Koenigshuette (king’s hut) received two donation checks in the run-up to the board meeting. One is income from the reading of crime novels from the Harz-mountains, which had taken place on September 7 at the king’s hut (Koenigshuette). The authors Gabriele Bock, Helmut Exner, Ruediger Glaesser, Corinna Klengel, Barbara Merten, Hans-Joachim Wildner as well as the publisher had waived their fees, the bookstore had sold the tickets without charge. In this process, € 720 had been collected. The ladies of the sewing group Bad Lauterberg also had a donation check with them; it showed the sum of € 751. This sum was collected through the sale of self-sewn articles of all kinds, but also through the sale of drinks and pretzels, on the reading of the crime novels and on the Open Monument Day. Hans-Heinrich Hillegeist, the chairman of our sponsoring group, thanked the bringers of the checks and acknowledged their commitment.

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from left side: Volker Pursch (advisory board), Klaus Wolf (advisory board), Renate Dittmar (sponsorship group), Hans-Heinrich Hillegeist (chairman), Fritz Dittmar (trasurer), Christian Muehl (deputy chairman), Hans-Joachim Wildner (advisory board) 

from left side: Monika Wildner (sponsorship group and member of the sewing group Bad Lauterberg), Hans-Heinrich Hillegeist (chairmen), Fritz Dittmar (trasurer)