Königshütte now has a new page on the Internet Smartphone users can record new QR codes on the buildings located on the site of the industrial monument.

The Förderkreis Königshütte Bad Lauterberg has a new Internet presence that can be displayed on all devices. Screenshot

HK / Bad Lauterberg, HK (HK means newspaper named 'Harzkurier')

Bad Lauterberg.  The association 'Förderkreis Königshütte revised the Internet appearance for the association of the industrial monument of Bad Lauterberg. It was about time to "adapt it to the current requirements. This included a new outfit, and the new website should always look the same (good way) - regardless of whether it is called up on a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone," the association announced. "There should also be an English version so that the website can be read and understood worldwide. The new Internet address is: www.koenigshuette-badlauterberg.de.

For a few weeks now, small boards have been attached to the buildings on the grounds of the monument; on them are so-called QR codes. Smartphone users can read these with their devices: "With the help of these QR codes, you, our visitors on site, can access information about the respective building," writes the association Förderkreis Königshütte.

The association thanks the Landschaftsverband Südniedersachsen, which has financially supported the renewal of the Internet site, and the association thanks Mr. Jörg Hüddersen from the company with the same name in Osterode. He has taken over the redesign of the site.

A few small things like the lower surface current are still missing. Apart from that, visitors will find a digital tour of the site, information about the history of the hut and the buildings and many pictures. Also, different videos, for example of a flight over the ‘Königshütte’ and the surrounding area, can be watched.

The association would like to point out that with the change of name of the website, the e-mail address to the board of directors of the supporters' association has also changed. It reads: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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