Open Monument Day 2023 - Review

The Day of the Open Monument has been satisfactory for us, the promotion circle of the kings’ hut. It began with an open-air service, for the musical accompaniment could be won the Suedharzer Blaeser-Quartett (south Harz brass quartet).

At 11 o'clock the official part began: Several exhibitors could be won, so had come: Mrs. Ilona Ecke, she demonstrated the art of spinning, with the hand spindle and with the spinning wheel and showed some products made from it. For example, caps made by needle binding - an ancient technique that can be traced back to the Middle Stone Age (10 000 years BC). In Germany this technique was used about until 1550, but unfortunately it is almost forgotten today. As a further exhibitor we could win a chair weaver with Ulrich Genehr, the THW showed, where it is to be used everywhere, Mrs. Seyfert and helpers: inside of the family center Manyways gave the one or other visitor, large or small, (non permanent) tattoos. Of course, our show castering with Mr. Nehmke (90 years) and his crew have come  again. Mr. Hänsel had set up some of his artworks, in one of them there was a vending machine filled with little things that children were very happy about. For the younger ones there was also the possibility to participate in riddle tours, about 15 children took part and were happy about a certificate (riddle tour with the Brocken Gang) or a mineral piece (information rally).
The guided tours were well attended, about 90 people took part, in total about 120 people came to the industrial monument Koenigshuette (kings’ hut). Even from the USA a visitor came, she is currently visiting her parents in Bad Lauterberg, but also from the south of Germany visitors came to the Koenigshuette (kings’ hut).  
At the end of the day cakes as well as steaks and sausages were sold.
Petrus was also well-disposed towards us from the promotion circle, the exhibitors had been given shady places or sun protection (pavilion or parasol) so that they could survive the day unscathed.

during show casting

Translated with DeepL