regular table has moved

Hotel Riemann, Sebastian-Kneipp-Promenade 1, Bad Lauterberg

The regular table  has moved. Since April 2023, since April 2023 it has been held at 'Hotel Riemann', Sebastian-Kneipp-Promenade 1. - The time has remained the same: the regulars' table takes place every first Thursday of the month - starting at 6.30 pm, the end is open. The room  called 'Brockenstube' is reserved for the regulars' table.
For the 'small appetite', Mrs Riemann has brought out a menu especially for the regulars' table. On it you will find, for example, soups, 'Toast Hawaii' and 'Strammer Max'. After all, we want to talk.
People from Bad Lauterberg  and guests from the spa clinics who are interested in the kings’ hut  industrial monument and/or the work of the Friends are equally welcome. The Friends look forward to a lively turnout.

Translated with DeepL