International Museum Day - 2022_05_15

This year May 15 we celebrate International Museum Day. We from the sponsorship group kings’ hut (Foerderkreis Koenigshuette) are also participating again. We are looking forward to welcoming you, dear visitors, on the grounds of the industrial monument. We are still in the preparations, but we have found some new attractions for our visitors. Besides the guided tours, the show casting and the information rally for children and young people the sewing meeting place, which found its place in the factoring house two years ago, has opened, here self-sewn things can be purchased.

We were also able to win over the child protection association, which will bring a number of attractions for children and young people. It is also planned that the THW will be there again. Of course, we will also take care of the physical well-being of our visitors: In the coffee shop in the hut tavern there will be hot and cold drinks and homemade cakes, and at noon there will be a barbecue in front of the iron store. During the barbecue there will be background music from the hurdy-gurdy. We look forward to seeing you, dear visitors.